The DEA Is Looking For Candidates To Grow Marijuana For Research

Last month the DEA refused to reschedule cannabis. But the agency also said it would facilitate cannabis research by allowing more people to grow cannabis for research purposes. Now, less than one month after the DEA’s announcement, it seems that plans to improve cannabis research are already flopping. Here’s why.

Looking For Cannabis Growers

To make cannabis more accessible to researchers, the DEA is now accepting applications to become a federally approved cannabis grower. Anybody who gets this approval would essentially be contracted to grow weed for federally approved research projects.

You’d think this would be a gold mine and that tons of people would jump at the chance to land one of these potentially huge contracts. But so far, there haven’t been any takers.

In fact, one source just reported that tons of universities have turned down invitations to become DEA-sanctioned growers. Schools like Cornell, University of

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