DIY Cannabis Lube

People have known about the aphrodisiac qualities of cannabis for thousands of years. But over the past couple years, we seem to be enjoying something of a renaissance when it comes to talking about and exploring pot-induced orgasms, cannabis lube.

Just look a few headlines from recent months: “8 Things to Know About Getting Your Vagina High,” “I Tried That Cannabis Lube and Got High as Horny Kite,” “New Cannabis Strain Designed Specifically to Make Women Orgasm,” “I Got My Pussy Stoned with Weed Lube,” and “Want Better Sex? Using Cannabis Can Take Pleasure to New Highs.”

All this talk of cannabis-induced orgasms has helped usher in some incredible cannabis products like Foria, a marijuana-laced women’s lubricant, and Sexxpot, a low THC strain designed to enhance women’s orgasms.

These products are definitely amazing, but Foria is currently only

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