Hump Day High: Christening My New Place


“Shall we begin in the closet?” B asked me, grinning. “That seems like an excellent place to start,” I agreed.

Let me back up. I moved to San Diego from Los Angeles at the beginning of September. I had been living with my primary-partner-turned-roommate, Declan, for most of our five-and-a-half-year relationship. Declan and I both grew up in South Central Pennsylvania, and met in October of 2011 when we’d each separately decided to move home to our parents’ houses to regroup between careers. We started dating and moved to the Philly suburbs nine months later. Over the course of our relationship, we realized that we weren’t well-suited as primary partners and would be better off as close friends. Honestly, it was a fairytale breakup; no drama, no bullshit. We cried a lot, but otherwise it was as much a mutually positive experience as a breakup could possibly be. But

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