Review: 99 High Tide Dispensary

99 High Tide Dispensary

The Place

If you were to fantasize about the ultimate Southern California beachside dispensary, what would you come up with?

Across the street from the ocean, waves lapping at the shore? Maybe next door to a legendary Malibu surf shop? Would it be a place born out of and constructed to be full of higher-consciousness and healing vibes? Might it be run by a nurturing and sweet actress-turned-activist and her local surf rat-turned-cannabis/botanist expert? Just for good measure, how about a drop-dead gorgeous staff, including a circa-1994, surfer-version of Brad Pitt running the place? What about Friday DJ sets, complimentary massages and a general energy that pulls you right in, or 90 strains of meticulously crafted herbal medicine, edibles, concentrates, CBDs, t-shirts, dream catchers, local art, probiotics and super foods, and a gentle ocean breeze mixing in with the whiffs of indica and sativa you get from the

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