Cannabis Tampons: 4 Facts To Know, Including Pain And Anxiety Relief

It’s the sort of thing that seems ripe for a Snopes debunking — cannabis tampons — but nope! They’re 100 percent real.

Earlier this January, Foria announced the rollout of their latest product, Foria Relief: A suppository that can be inserted into either your vagina or rectum. The product, made out of cocoa butter and the two main active ingredients of cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol, is intended as pain relief for menstrual cramps, though it also supposedly works wonders for your lower back pain.

For those curious, if understandably wary, about Foria’s nifty item, here are some basic facts to know.

Foria Relief Just what are cannabis tampons and do they really work? Foria

The Logic Is Sound, If Untested

It’s fair to say that Foria Relief

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