Breaking Good? Branching Beyond Illegality

Looking beyond associated stereotypes and political agendas, the plant itself is purely beautiful. From the cornucopia of colors to the stacks of resin laden buds that glisten with the swaying breeze, cannabis represents so much through its simple elegance. It’s no wonder humans were attracted to it long before present-day discussions regarding seizure treatment and legality were on the table.

Growing and harvesting cannabis has existed alongside human culture almost as long as written history. Making everything from rope to medicine, the majority of our interest, traditionally, in cannabis has been in its uses not its cultivation. Until the involvement of legalities, cannabis was seen as just another plant used for purposes of agriculture.

Despite our history, cannabis quickly went from something we grew alongside our corn crops to a plant whose presence could land you in the slammer. The culture of peacefully growing at home shifted to high security and high

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