Tech Thursday: Gateway Incubator

Ben Larson, co-founder of Gateway Incubator, knows cannabis is a burgeoning marketplace. “There is interest from all corners; business leaders and entrepreneurs, cannabis related or not, are joining with investors to support its growth.” This is most evident in Oakland, where Gateway is located, a city ready to re-take the lead as the nation’s top cannabis city. New proposed regulations are poised to grant permits to cultivators and manufacturers, as well as to additional dispensaries and delivery services. The city already has adult cannabis use laws on the books, allowing retail sales to begin the moment voters change the California law. Recently, several large traditional businesses like Uber, and longtime cannabis supporter George Zimmer’s, Z Tailor’s recently set up shop here, creating a start-up atmosphere in the city.

Speakeasy Venue

Through ancillary involvement in the beginning, Larson says,” we realize that, beyond

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