Coleen Nolan: We’re tying the knot … but the sex has stopped

Dear Coleen

I’m a 27-year-old man and my partner is 26. We have an 18-month-old child but since we conceived 27 months ago we have only had sex twice.

The pregnancy was easy in general for her but before she got pregnant, she didn’t have a particularly high sex drive.

I have tried to talk to her about our sex life and even suggested that we could go to see the doctor together but she has refused.


I have tried taking things slowly, and I’ve also tried romantic evenings but when we get into bed she always says she is not in the mood.

I am being very patient, but I’m beyond frustrated and I’m starting to think that I’m the problem and not her.

To add to the pressure, we have a wedding planned. I would like to be with her for the rest of our lives but when I try to

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