Marijuana Found to Treat Sexual Dysfunctions

For those men and women having some difficulty rising to the occasion in the bedroom, a new study suggests that marijuana may be the only therapy needed to remedy sexual dysfunctions.

The days of gnawing on Yohimbe Bark and popping pharmaceutical grade boner pills just to get that old van a rockin’ could soon be in the rearview mirror, as researchers have found additional evidence to suggest that the cannabis plant may be a saving grace for those people suffering from a variety of sexual dysfunctions.

These findings, which appeared online courtesy of the National Institute of Health, were first published in the latest edition of the journal Pharmacological Research.

“For centuries, in addition to its recreational actions, several contradictory claims regarding the effects of Cannabis use in sexual functioning and behavior (e.g. aphrodisiac vs anti-aphrodisiac) of both sexes have been accumulated,” the study’s abstract reads. “The identification of Δ9-THC and later

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