Marijuana Lube: Does it Work?

By Jenn Keeler,

Marijuana lubeIn this day and age, cannabis is everywhere. It’s in foods. It’s in drinks. It’s in lotions and oils. It’s in patches and face creams. It’s available in a variety of commercial products. It might only be a matter of time before it sponsors an NFL stadium: Marijuana Dispensary Field at Mile High.

It makes sense – as we learn about marijuana’s benefits and versatilities, we want to add it to more and more products. And this includes products that are all about sex.

Ladies and Gentleman, but mostly ladies, introducing cannabis lube…..

Marijuana lube is quickly gaining a reputation for taking a dead on arrival sex life and returning lovers to the honeymoon phase (ya know, before peeing with the door open became a regular thing).

It’s not specifically marketed to women, but it’s more beneficial to them

The lube doesn’t

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