Hump Day High: Love is Art + Cannabis = Great Date Night


Did you know that you can have sex on top of a paint-splattered canvas and call it art? You can, and it is definitely art. It’s in the name—the Love is Art Kit, created by abstract artist Jeremy Brown. The kit comes in a round black box and contains a 10’ x 12’ plastic drop cloth, a 41” x 54” canvas, directions, a 4oz bottle of non-toxic paint, disposable slippers so you don’t track paint on the floor getting to the shower, and even a mesh body scrubber to help remove the paint.

I’ve had this kit sitting in my bedroom for almost two years. The one I chose was a black canvas with copper paint. When I got it in January of 2014, I had planned to use it at a sex educator orgy I was co-hosting later that weekend. I went to the orgy, but we never had

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