Sex Party MP shares her affiliation for cannabis

Sex Party MP Fiona Patten has spoken about her recreational use of cannabis while championing for its legalisation during a video interview.

Ms Patten spoke to Vice reporter Krishna Andavolu at her home where she shared her affiliation for the recreational herb.

During the interview Andavolu asks the MP if now would be an ok time for a joint.

“This is the perfect time,” she responds.

While the pair are not seen on camera smoking, the camera does show ash in a glass and a cloud of smoke.

Ms Patten said she has been an avid supporter of recreational cannabis and would like to see it legalised in Australia.

“I’ve spoken in parliament about it. I’m very open about it,” she said.

“My colleagues might have six beers after work. I might have a joint after work. I see nothing wrong with that.”

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