Do Children’s Toys Contain More Harmful Chemicals Than Sex Toys?

Between the stuffed bunny next to your toddler’s pillow and the vibrating Jack Rabbit you pretend your wife doesn’t have stashed in her bedside drawer, you might think you know which is likely to contain more harmful chemicals.

You’d probably be wrong.

According to a new report by a Swedish inspection authority, children’s toys include more dangerous chemicals than sex toys.  

In its study conducted last year, the Swedish Chemicals Agency (SCA) found that two percent of 44 sex toys imported to Sweden contained banned chemicals. A separate study conducted in 2015 tested 112 children’s toys in Sweden and found that 15 percent of them contained banned chemical substances, including lead.

“This was a bit surprising,” said Frida Ramstrom, an inspector for the agency. “This was the first time we did such a study.”

Of the 44 sex toys surveyed in the study, only one plastic dildo contained a banned substance: chlorinated paraffins, which has been

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