This Sex Toy Warmer Takes ‘Hot And Heavy’ To A New Level

On those cold and lonely winter nights, the last thing you want is for your junk to feel cold, too.

Thanks to a new product no one ever thought they needed, your self-love sessions will never give you (the bad kind of) chills again.

A sex toy warmer aptly called Warm has just been released with the goal of providing an “effective and discreet way to warm sex toys and take sexual pleasure to heightened levels.”

The vegan leather-made warmer is “styled like a fashionable clutch bag” and has to be plugged into the wall between uses. It measures 13 inches by 6.5 inches and also functions as a storage unit for your sex toys.

“Created with the intention of improving intimacy between partners as well as enhancing solo play, Warm allows users to warm their sex toys of various sizes and explore the unique sensations they create,” reads a statement.

The creators

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