Hump Day High: Sex On The Road By: Ashley Manta


“I’m teaching a class in the Bay area and I want you to come with me for the weekend,” my lover, B, said in a text to me a couple months ago. I did some mental math—leaving from San Diego would give us between 7 and 8 hours in the car together each way, not counting stops for food and gas. Plus, we’d be up there for three full days. I was intrigued. “Let’s do it!” I said excitedly.

What’s especially awesome about this opportunity is that in the almost ten years I’ve been doing sex education, I’ve never had a partner who also taught classes before. There is a joy that I get when I teach workshops that almost feels like a high. Watching the eyes of the attendees and seeing “aha!” moments happen for them—there’s nothing quite like it. It’s something that other educators understand, and

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