Sex with guests and acid trips on the job: Life below decks on a cruise ship

Sleeping with customers, taking drugs on the job and making friends in the onboard sex dungeon. Just regular cruise ship life, according to Paul Hyatt*. He should know – the 26-year-old from the American Midwest spent two years on the open seas before chucking it in, working as “fitness and recreational staff” for a major Caribbean cruise line. It was his first job, and it was a baptism of fire.

“I only slept with five passengers, but everyone else slept with loads,” he told The Independent. Guests, he says, would regularly come onto him, sometimes admiring his tattoos, sometimes stalking him on Facebook and often outright propositioning him.

“It happened all the time,” he says. “One day I’d be the young personal trainer giving yoga classes to a rich middle-aged woman, the next I’d be the guy with tattoos on the activities deck. I got a lot of attention.”


He had

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