Why it is SO dangerous for pre-teens to smoke pot: Study reveals weed’s crippling damage on brains of under-17s

Marijuana is far more damaging to young teenage brains than we thought, a new study claims.

There has been a surge in teen cannabis smokers in the last few years, with a 2014 report saying about a third of teenagers try the drug before they reach 15.

But scientists warn new research shows that it is far better for their brains if they wait until after they turn 17. 

Among other dangers, they found adolescents who smoked pot as early as 14 fared far in cognitive tests when they reached 20 – and dropped out of school at a much higher rate than non-smokers.

Teenagers who smoked marijuana as early as age 14 did worse on cognitive tests, decreased verbal abilities and were more likely to drop out of school, according to a new study

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