Sex and Cannabis: The Best Of Both Worlds

Favorite activity and favorite plant – sex and cannabis – can perhaps blend into one and epitomize fulfillment. What doesn’t add up?

It is indeed a perpetual argument on the perks and pitfalls of cannabis. However, a latest study renders some degree of clarity in the matter. Question is not if sex and cannabis can go hand in hand, but what can possibly go wrong?

If you are an hopeless romantic and an avid fan of the herb, then, perhaps, mixing pleasure with pleasure can do wonders? Remember, juxtaposing a sensual feeling with another parallel feeling need not necessarily enhance anything. The latest study has some interesting details in that respect.

Sex and Cannabis

Leafly reports University of California Santa Barbara’s take on cannabis as an aphrodisiac. Case in point, cannabis can swing both ways. It can have arousing effect or can simply be a libido depressant. Turns

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