Sexxpot – The Strain Of Weed Created To Help Women Orgasm

We know about the agreeable consequences of weed: it can relieve period pain, it tastes good with wine and builds beautiful houses. But what about our sex lives, in particular women’s?

It’s pretty much general knowledge that women often find it harder to reach orgasm than men do. With females heavily reliant on their mental states just as much, if not more than, physical pleasure during sex, the female orgasm has – ridiculously – remained an enigma to this day (the lack of research and concern is, largely, to blame). However, a new strain of weed has been designed with the specific purpose of improving women’s erotic experiences.

Somewhat creepily dubbed Sexxpot, the strain of green works by improving a woman’s cerebral mood while making her feel relaxed, chill and less inhibited. Supposedly the trick to bringing women to orgasm with weed is with less THC than the regular stuff – the

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