EXPLORING SEX, LOVE, AND CANNABIS: Four Experts Weigh in on the Relationship Between Sex and Cannabis

What does cannabis have to do with sex and love? DOPE Magazine sat down with a passionate group of experts in an attempt to unearth the relationship between the three. Whether you’re new to a relationship, looking to strengthen one (or many) or simply wanting to reignite a flickering flame, cannabis may help create a healthy, active and flourishing sex life. Cannabis acts as a catalyst in energizing sensuality, creating mutually satisfying, playful sex and increases awareness about your own needs and that of your partner(s). Cannabis has the ability to reduce stress and anxiety, two influencers of lackluster sex. Small amounts of cannabis introduced pre-foreplay can create an opportunity to connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. Cannabis can amplify both mental and physical connectedness, and put us in touch with our needs. What follows is a series of short essays on how you can

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