CULTIVATING INTIMACY AMONG BABY BOOMERS: How Cannabis Can Spark New Life Into Long-Lasting Partnerships

As a counselling sexologist and cannabis coach, I see couples from all walks of life working through a myriad of issues relating to sex and love. Most often I hear they have lost desire or connection with their partner, and are unsure about how to restore passion and intimacy. This commonly occurs because of the stress and distractions of daily life—they have trouble letting go of it all, living in the present.

I especially enjoy working with the older generation. Some are first-time cannabis users, but many have fond memories of using cannabis when they were younger, back in the ‘60s. With the onset of retirement and more free time on their hands, they often take stock of their lives and realize their senses have been dulled—there’s no juice, no passion. The story they now have is a pared-down list of half-forgotten events that can be slightly embarrassing in the retelling.

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