How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sex Drive?

Cannabis and sex have a long, complicated history. Considered a divine plant throughout India and Asia, cannabis is touted as an effective aphrodisiac in these regions as it has been for thousands of years. On the other hand, we have accounts like those of Greek physician Dioscorides, who in his De Materia Medica (On Medical Materials) wrote that juice from hemp seeds act as a libido suppressant.

In addition to the contradictory anecdotal accounts reported over the years, scientific findings on the effects cannabis has on our sex drive have been unpredictable and equally mixed. Some men and women experience a boost in their sex drive and desire, as well as heightened enjoyment of sensual touch, more intimacy with their partner, and enhanced feelings of satisfaction. Others, however, report feelings of tiredness, too much physical sensitivity, or paranoia. This sets cannabis apart from other mood-altering substances (like alcohol, cocaine, amphetamines, and

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