6 Ways High Sex Compares To Drunk Sex

Cannabis increases blood flow to the brain and stimulates blood flow to the genitals, Dr. Tishler says. “[This] helps with relaxation and lubrication in women and erectile dysfunction for men,” he says. “It also has this heightened tactile experience.”

Molly Peckler, a cannabis-friendly matchmaker and consultant, says that cannabis increases sexual sensation for her, but she says that it’s important that each person selects the right strain of marijuana for them. (Peckler says she’s had wonderful experiences with Grandaddy Purple, an Indica strain.) While Sativa strains are known for leading to more invigorating and energetic highs, Indica strains are known for providing more relaxing and anxiety-relieving highs — which can be great for a cozy night of love-making.

“When you’re drunk, your sensations are dulled; and when you’re high, your sensations are enhanced,” Peckler says. And, in fact, one 2009

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