Most people think sex is awesome. I think most people would agree that the idea of sex is awesome, and that awesome sex is awesome…sometimes, however, the reality doesn’t quite live up to the hype. Sometimes you need a night where the sex is extra mind-blowing. How can we enhance our sex lives? Cannabis offers us some great options! Whether the day is stressful and you’re wound tighter than a drum, or you’re just looking to put the spark back into a wonderful, long-term relationship, cannabis can help.

One of most common misconceptions about sex is that the only erogenous zones lay below the belt. In reality, the main event is between your ears. Even down-and-dirty, one-night-stand sex begins with the idea that it’s exciting and sexy—all of which are notions that reside, you guessed it, in your mind. Cannabis is known for influencing our minds and perspectives, and

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