Miami Official Who Compared Weed to Pedophilia Cited for Sexual Harassment in 2011

Barnaby Min, Miami’s deputy city attorney, was widely ridiculed last week for comparing legalizing weed to pedophilia at a meeting at city hall. But it turns out he’s an even worse messenger for that offensive claim than most anyone knew.

Min himself was caught sexually harassing a female city auditor by emailing her the word “penis” multiple times in 2011, according to emails New Times obtained via a records request. Yet he kept his job as the city’s then-zoning administrator and later rose through the ranks in the city attorney’s office. The previously unreported case calls into question whether Min should be the person making decisions about whether children with cancer or elderly Alzheimer’s patients are able to receive medicine.

In 2011, Min was working as the city’s zoning director. That January, he sent multiple emails spelling out the word “penis” to a young, female city auditor whom Min had previously

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