Why More Women Are Having Sex on Drugs

When Nicola* and Matt* hooked up at a New Year’s Eve party, it was the start of three years of drug-fuelled sex sessions. They would book a hotel room or go to Matt’s parents’ house while they were away. He’d bring a couple of grams of MDMA or coke and they’d stay up until the next morning having sex. “On MDMA, I’d want to cuddle and slowly fuck him, sitting on top in something silky,” says the 25-year-old student from Brighton, a seaside town in the UK. “But on coke, I’d do anything to please Matt. It was like stepping out of myself. I forgot who I was.”

Nicola explains that the more frequently she had sex while high, the more extreme it became. Coke helped her orgasm easily, but it left her confused about what she wanted—and whether she was actually consenting. “One time Matt drunkenly texted that

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