We Found It! Eureka Vapor Strikes Gold

eurekavapor_0029_dope_octoberEureka Vapor Strikes Gold

The origins of the word “Eureka” are traced back to early 17th century Greece, and when translated, means “I have found it.” Ancient Greece’s Archimedes was also thought to have uttered this when he stumbled upon a method to determine gold’s purity. As we sit here on the horizon of a new ‘gold rush’ in California, there are many different companies looking to take advantage of an opportunity to profiteer. This benefits companies like Eureka who continually raise the bar with their product line, producing clean medicine for patients since day one. Eureka Vapor has truly found the gold standard in oil cartridges—their patients can say, “Eureka!”

Eureka Vapor’s founders are a solid group—this was evident immediately upon our introduction. Transplants from the East Coast, I immediately fell in with the founders who, like me,

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