FC2 FEMALE CONDOMS: Why They’re Worth It

If you’re like most of the people I meet in my sex educator travels, you’ve never heard of the FC2 Female Condom. I just found out that the manufacturer, Veru Health, has decided to make this condom prescription-only, and I’m feeling a bit frustrated about it. Since I experience pain with penetration, I use THC-infused coconut oil spray almost every time I have sex. I need a non-latex option because oil degrades latex. These condoms are the only ones I’ve ever found that are both non-latex and able to accommodate my well-endowed partners.

One of the issues I’ve seen with the FC2 condoms is that not enough people know about them or how to use them, so I wanted to give you a little overview of my favorite barrier method in hopes that when they do become prescription only, you will be empowered to ask your healthcare provider

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