This Study Aims To Make Cannabis Part Of A Healthy Sex Life – And …

The natural pairing that is cannabis and coitus has been well documented, but a team of researchers in Toronto is hoping to go deeper.

The Sex Cannabis Study – being conducted by Redington Research in Toronto – is seeking accounts from Canadians about how cannabis can address various problems in the bedroom.

“There are so many different sexual dysfunctions or concerns that people have and don’t necessarily want to talk about or that they keep behind closed doors,” Brenleigh Chandler, director of media and outreach with the Sex Cannabis Study, told Civilized.

“We want to know: where can we introduce cannabis to benefit people?”

She says the study – wherein participants fill out a monthly survey based on their cannabis use and how it improves their sex life – aims to pinpoint how cannabis can positively impact “sexual disorders and the medical conditions that come along with things like anxiety.”

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