DID GOD MAKE CANNABIS?: How Religion May Save Our Reefer

Recently there has been a rise in conservative support for the legalization of cannabis. Currently the approval rate sits at 42 percent, not too shabby considering the right’s recent pick for attorney general is quoted saying, “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” It’s almost as though this change of heart may have come from a higher being, for a higher purpose, at least that is what they are claiming to believe. Many of our God-fearing conservatives are now turning a new leaf.

Politicians turn a new leaf

Republican Rep. Jonathon Hill of South Carolina is one such man. Bill Davis who is a Christian Author and a friend of Hill’s told him how crucial cannabis was to his life. Davis was bedridden due to his idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a lung disease with no cure. He was taking an experimental drug that had terrible side effects that would eventually lead to his death.

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