Top 7 Sex Toys & Cannabis Accessories for Summer Fun

Summer is here and if you’re looking for some summer loving–solo or partnered–this list will help you out! I chose high quality, innovative items to showcase because I believe your pleasure is worth it! Mindfully combining sex and cannabis means being thoughtful about the products you’re using and the ways in which the materials and quality of the devices impacts your body and pleasure.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II: For people with penises, this toy is a fantastic addition to the toy collection. According to my lover, it impressively mimics a blowjob with its silicone lips and vibrating core. Lube is a non-negotiable with the Cobra Libre II, it would likely cause discomfort if used without some kind of slippery substance. It’s definitely a toy that can be enjoyed solo or partnered, and is great for alternating with a BJ because it allows the giver a chance

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