July 2017

Ambrosia, the esteemed Southern summer fruit salad, is a true classic. This recipe is loved for its sweet and tangy tropical theme and textured goodness. Luckily for us, it’s one of the easiest recipes to make—and thus, one of the easiest to infuse with cannabis. With only a handful of ingredients at play, and no […]

The 17-year-old football player arrested by Chandler Police in the Hamilton High School hazing case faces two counts of child molestation as well as five other felonies, court records show. The suspect, identified only as a minor even though he has been charged as an adult, also is charged with one count of sexual assault […]

As pot slowly becomes recreationally legal across the U.S. (eight states and the District of Columbia have passed lax legislation so far, but who’s counting), ~weed fever~ seems to be taking the consumer product-sphere by storm. Example A: Whoopi Goldberg’s line of pot-infused period products. Example B: cannabis-infused pain relief creams. Example C: weed-infused wine […]

Monica Lo is a cannabis cook, content creator, and food photographer. Check out Sous Weed for more of her cannabis recipes and photography.  Satiate your sweet tooth with a healthy treat that’s out of this world: açaí bowls! I adore a good açaí bowl that’s chock-full of delicious, crunchy toppings. Açaí is a superfood that comes from […]

Throughout pop culture and literature, the effects of various drugs on sexual appetites and experiences have been well-documented. It’s little wonder why college kids and adults alike spend maximum time drinking at bars or parties to find a sexual partner. Related Story: 8 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Have Sex With Someone But […]