Is Weed Lube the Key to Your Best Sex Ever?

As pot slowly becomes recreationally legal across the U.S. (eight states and the District of Columbia have passed lax legislation so far, but who’s counting), ~weed fever~ seems to be taking the consumer product-sphere by storm. Example A: Whoopi Goldberg’s line of pot-infused period products. Example B: cannabis-infused pain relief creams. Example C: weed-infused wine (yes, really). The list goes on.

If you’ve ever smoked pot and loved the repercussions for your love life (read: between the sheets), you’re not alone. About 67 percent of users report that marijuana enhances their sex lives, according to one informal poll conducted by Psychology Today. Researchers have also found that the use of a topical cannabis oil resulted in an increased sexual response in women, according to a study done at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

That’s why FORIA (the company

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