Dangerous WA sex offender released – 9News

A dangerous sex offender who attacked sleeping women and is still deemed a serious risk to the West Australian community will be released under a supervision order as the state parliament continues to wrestle with strengthening the laws for such criminals.

Supreme Court of WA Justice Bruno Fiannaca ruled on Tuesday that Nigel Pindan should be released, almost four years after he was labelled a dangerous sex offender and made subject to a continuing detention order.

Pindan has been convicted of three sexual assaults on sleeping women, beginning in 1994 for an assault that occurred the previous year in Broome when he was a juvenile.

The second time the Kimberley man was convicted of a serious sex offence was in 1997 for an attack at a community near Derby when he was 18 years old while in 2007, when he was 28, he was convicted over a particularly heinous third assault.

The first two

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