A Pro Chef Envisions the Future of Brick and Mortar Cannabis Restaurants

Chris Sayegh, also known as The Herbal Chef, has big ideas about the future of cannabis-infused cuisine. While he currently uses his skill set to host gourmet pop-up dinners and cater private events, he’s also working on a concept for a physical cannabis restaurant where infused menu items would rotate seasonally and décor would take cues from the likes of Eleven Madison Park. And while it seems ambitious, Sayegh hopes to begin the build-out for such a place in 2018.

We talked to Sayegh about what a cannabis restaurant might look like, what dishes diners could expect to see on the menu, and why servers would be replaced by cannabis-savvy “guides.” Here’s what he had to say.

Leafly: Tell me about the concept for a brick and mortar cannabis restaurant. How long have you been mulling it over?

Team meeting during

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