This Cannabis Suppository Is Said To Make Anal Sex Better Than Ever

There’s got to be a better way to receive the benefits of rectal cannabis consumption than sticking an infused ice cube up your anus.

This was the initial thought process when FORIA officials got wind that gay men were freezing their flagship product – FORIA Pleasure, a cannabis-based lubricant – in ice cube trays and using them to increase the comfort and pleasure of anal sex.

“We actually had people from the LGBTQ community reaching out to us … and explaining how they’d created their own suppositories using FORIA Pleasure,” FORIA communications director Brittany Confer told Civilized.

“We thought: Holy shit. That’s amazing. But there has to be a way to make this into a more enjoyable format. In other words, how could we adjust this a bit so it doesn’t involve sticking an ice cube up your butt?”

Just like, the idea for FORIA Explore was born.


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