The Best Type of Weed to Smoke For Your Zodiac Sign

Cannabis-lovers know that smoking certain strains can enhance different sensations and highlight different qualities of the smoker — our zodiac traits are no different. Each zodiac sign has unique characteristics that make them special, as do the hundreds of different strains of marijuana. There is a weed strain that will complement your sign perfectly, enhancing your positive traits and minimizing your less favorable ones. Here are my picks for the perfect cannabis match for your sign, so you can get high in perfect harmony with the stars.


Aquarius is the most original and authentic of all the signs — you’re the humanitarian and social reformer of the zodiac. You care deeply about people and their rights. Smoke a strain that enhances your creativity, like Blue Dream, to brainstorm and develop your next world-changing idea. This sativa-heavy hybrid helps you focus; you can

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