Number of modern slavery victims identified in England and Wales rises by 300%

The number of modern slavery victims receiving help has risen by 300 per cent as thousands more continue to be forced into labour, prostitution and domestic servitude across the UK.

A person trafficked for organ removal was among those referred to the Government’s programme and the past year has seen a spike in Vietnamese men working in cannabis farms.

The Salvation Army, which supports all adult victims of modern slavery identified via the National Referral Mechanism, said the programme had seen a dramatic increase in demand since it started in 2011.

More than 1,500 people were referred in the past year alone, with almost half trafficked for sexual exploitation, 39 per cent for forced labour and 13 per cent for domestic servitude in England and Wales.

The victims identified in the past year came from 95 countries, with almost two thirds women, one third men and three transgender.

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