Puff, Puff, Pant? This Woman Reported Spontaneous Orgasms After Smoking Cannabis

Come again?

A new case study published in the Journal of Sex Marital Therapy illustrates what would appear to be the first-ever documented case of cannabis-induced spontaneous orgasms – I mean, that we know of (we’re not exactly Google-searching these keywords every day.)

The study describes how a 40-year-old woman reported to doctors that she was experiencing multiple spontaneous orgasms outside of sexual activity.

She explained that the orgasms began after a five-hour-long sexual experience with a man before which both of them consumed cannabis. Each orgasm was associated with diminished consciousness and mild retrograde amnesia.

The woman – who also said she took Tantra Yoga sessions to improve her orgasms – initially feared she was experiencing Restless Genital Syndrome after doing some research online, but her symptoms didn’t line up with the diagnosis.

Medical professionals recommended she stop smoking cannabis before having sex, but she opted to cut out sex altogether.

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