Scientists say regular cannabis smokers ‘have more sex’

Regular cannabis smokers have sex more often than non-users, research has claimed.

Previous studies have shown that heavy abuse of the drug can reduce male sperm count and cause erectile dysfunction. 

But scientists now say that people who regularly smoke it have almost 20 per cent more sex on average.

Researchers questioned more than 50,000 people aged 25 to 45. Participants were asked how often they had sex in the last month and how frequently they had smoked cannabis in the past year.

Research suggests regular cannabis (pictured) smokers have more sex than non-users

The study at Stanford University in the US found that women who had not used cannabis in the last year had sex on average six times a month. But that rose to 7.1 times for those who smoked it daily.

Among men, non-users had sex 5.9 times against

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