Study Explores Chemical Links Of Cannabis, Exercise, And Sexual Bliss


Scientists are homing in on biological reasons for the age-old “cannabis makes sex better” theory, though there’ll need to be plenty of further research to come.

A new study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine has seemingly uncovered a chemical link between human orgasm and the cannabis plant, the latter of which has long enjoyed a reputation for enhancing or enabling the former. 

Being aware of the association between weed and good sex, researchers sought to determine whether our brains showed similar behavior along a certain set of neurochemical pathways we all have, known as the “cannabinoid system,” in response to chemicals called cannabinoids.

These can either be introduced to our systems from outside the body as phytocannabinoids, found in plants like cannabis, or activated naturally from within the body as endocannabinoids, which researchers speculated can be produced through sexual

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