What Does it Mean if You Can’t Enjoy Sex Without Weed?

On Edge is a series about stress in 2017.

To put it bluntly, sex on weed is awesome. Cannabis is a natural aphrodisiac, so there’s good reason why cannabis-infused sex products like Foria’s weed lube, hmbldt’s “arouse” vape pen, or 1906’s “High Love” edible chocolates are so popular for getting high and getting down in bed. Even a simple joint can be enough to get you horny if you’re with the right person (or people).

But then there’s the flip side: What about those who can’t enjoy sex without the help of weed? While psychologists and sex therapists I spoke to say this is not particularly common, the handful who do experience it might be dealing with a broader set of issues, in which case the inability to enjoy sex without cannabis is just a

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