Study shows that smoking mad weed seriously boosts your sex life

Alright, so it’s official.

The Stanford University’s School of Medicine posted a Journal of Sexual Medicine that showed the overall usage of marijuana resulted in more sex.

Michael Eisenberg and Andrew Sun took the results of more than 50,000 people. 28,176 women and 22,943 men were analyzed for the study. Participants were between the ages of 25-45, averaging at 29 years old for both sexes.

Women who smoked had sex 7.1 times on average in one month, compared to women who didn’t smoke, at a 6 time average.

Men smokers got down and dirty 6.9 times in a month, compared to 5.6 for non-smokers, a 1.3 spike in average.

In the past, studies have come out that have propose that pot kills a man’s sex drive, but the recent published Stanford study suggests that all is well, my friends.

24.5 percent of men reported to have smoked in the past 4

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