Gender, Race and Disenfranchisement in the Cannabis Industry

Women in Cannabis

It’s clear that the cannabis industry is a burgeoning one, and we’ve all heard the encouraging narrative that women are leading the way in the green arena. But is it true? We can look to author Hanna Rosin, who recognized the rise of the economically powerful woman and the associated cultural shift with her 2010 article in The Atlantic, “The End of Men,” which she followed with a book of the same name in 2012. Rosin explores the ways in which the U.S. patriarchy is ending, and how women are becoming the more dominant sex: “Men dominate just two of the 15 job categories projected to grow the most over the next decade: janitor and computer engineer. Women have everything else—nursing, home health assistance, child care, food preparation.” Apparently, women now have cannabis, too.

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