The Dankest Weed Gifts for That Special Stoner in Your Life

Despite cannabis’s lingering and laughable Schedule I classification by the federal government, an ever-increasing number of American states have chosen to disregard Washington and legalize pot. With these legislative experiments resulting in happy citizens and oodles of cash for both the companies and state coffers, the rest of the country eventually getting in on the action seems all but a foregone conclusion.

With this bold, all caps writing on the wall, a flood of new companies have emerged and begun scrambling for their claim of this new market’s bounty. In legal states, the old-school dealer surreptitiously selling “mids” is as quaint a nostalgic memory as the flip phone. A cottage industry once comprised entirely of utilitarian baggies and hand-crafting artisans has since blossomed into a full-blown corporate industry with all the PR bullshit, designer packaging, and luxury brands that comes with.

Already, the volume

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