Booze, Molly or Weed: Which Heightens Sexual Desire The Most?

Ecstasy makes you horny. So does booze. Marijuana just makes you chill.  These three obvious sentences were confirmed by a study published this week in the scientific journal Psychology and Sexuality.

The report revealed that compared to marijuana, alcohol and ecstasy were more strongly associated with heightened perceived sexual effects, including attraction, sexual desire, and social outgoingness.

Increased attraction — both feeling more attractive and attraction to others — was most commonly associated with drinking alcohol, followed by ecstasy. More than six out of ten participants reported feeling more attractive on alcohol (67 percent) or ecstasy (61 percent), but only a quarter (25 percent) felt more attractive on marijuana. Similarly, most participants reported that alcohol (72 percent) or ecstasy (64 percent) led them to be more attracted to others, while marijuana only increased attraction to others in about a quarter (27 percent) of respondents.

Increased social outgoingness — defined as outgoingness making

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