My partner says she loves me but that sex is not a priority

I met my partner just over a year ago. Sex and communication were fairly good at first, but now she often says she is too tired, stressed or ill. She says sex is not her priority and hardly ever initiates it, although she is keen on cuddling and maybe a little petting. She says she loves me a lot and that she needs more time to feel more deeply passionate. I am finding it frustrating, and feel neglected and misled: she has a rather colourful sexual past and has been involved in many casual sexual encounters.

People often enter relationships for reasons that do not include sex, or where sex is a low priority. You are receiving many clear signs that she is drawn to you for different reasons, but you seem to be finding it hard to accept this. Instead, you are framing it in the following light: “Lots of people before me had great regular

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