This Cannabis Club Is Raising More Than Eyebrows With Pot & Sex Party

It’s been proven that marijuana enthusiasts have more sex, so why not combine the two and throw one big pot orgy?

That’s what one cannabis club owner figured when he decided to throw an inaugural “pot and sex party” in Colorado.

Jaymen Johnson, owner of the Colorado Springs-based Speakeasy Vape and Cannabis Club, told KDVR his party was legal, saying he got the green light from city officials and claimed, “Everyone was completely respectful.”

Johnson said he threw the party because he couldn’t ignore the numerous requests he’s received over the past five years to mix cannabis and sex. But not everyone is impressed. Some are calling it disgusting and irresponsible.

Johnson told KDVR that he’s able to host group members and their “alternative lifestyles” since his business is considered a private club and that he’s already looking forward

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