9 Ways Marijuana Affects Sex

We often hear about studies that talk about how marijuana affects sexual intercourse. And while many of these are positive, some of them are also negative.

Here are nine ways marijuana affects sex.

1. Take It Slow

A 2009 study found a correlation between men who frequently using cannabis and orgasming too quickly. They found that men who used marijuana regularly were more likely to be dissatisfied with the length of their sexual performance. Although the study’s authors noted that cannabis use can affect a person’s concept of time, so maybe they were actually lasting longer than they though!

2. Longer-Lasting Orgasms

While marijuana may shorten sexual stamina, it actually increases the length of orgasms. While this is mostly based off anecdotal evidence as opposed to scientific study, it is a widely reported side effect of marijuana on sex.

3. Erectile Dysfunction

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