Green Rush: Inside San Diego’s Emerging Cannabis Industry

Marijuana’s legal. How did it go from evil death drug to medical miracle and billion-dollar industry?

At a home in Mission Hills, these professionals and medical patients challenge the old stereotype of marijuana users.

It seems like a standard boardroom. A big table for big conversations. A small fridge with small waters. A flat-screen flips through striking photos of the company’s products. But then there’s that huge window. It doesn’t face outdoors; it’s an observation window. I look into the sepia-toned room below, and there they are. A couple hundred “babies,” as OutCo CEO Lincoln Fish calls them. “In six weeks, they’ll be six feet tall and the whole room will be green.”

Marijuana plants. Luscious, vibrant, emerald marijuana plants. Legal marijuana plants.

On January 1, adult-use marijuana became legal in California. With a 56 percent yes vote, residents passed Prop 64 on November 8, 2016. Last September, the San

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